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Reject fear: your immune system is robust and resilient – your best bet for good health and vitality

Three weeks ago I published, “Don’t succumb to virus fear,” – one of my best read articles so far. As a layman, I hesitated to publish more than just 6 paragraphs based on official data with only very simple, non-controversial advice on how to bolster your immune system.

In the intervening days, many experts have come out offering essentially the same advice. Today I came across the superb interview with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT immunologist with four PhDs whose message is authoritative and completely in agreement with my timid prose from a few weeks ago.

Dr. Ayyadurai points out he’s a systems researcher, and perhaps systems thinking is how my ideas converged with what he is advocating. Importantly, Dr. Ayyadurai warns that the modern medical paradigm is badly outdated and hasn’t evolved with the advancing understanding of our immune systems.

The interview below is just over 50 minutes long but should help disabuse us all from the fear and ignorance that have made us such easy prey to the for-profit pharmaceutical industry, their lobbyists in government, and their media promoters.

Please watch and share, and remember: REJECT FEAR – fear of the virus AND fear of authority. Government bureaucracies are there to serve us:  we must hold them accountable and let them know that we are paying attention.


2 thoughts on “Reject fear: your immune system is robust and resilient – your best bet for good health and vitality

  1. Ken Butcher says:

    Unsurprisingly, the link now just gives:

    “Video unavailable
    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

    Especially since November 4th, YouTube is becoming less and less useful as a source of serious information. If one has to link to a YouTube video, it might be best to give the title, so a search has a chance of finding it on another platform after Google has memory-holed it.

    P.S. I’ve only just come across your blog, and am much impressed.


    • Thank you Ken, that’s very kind of you. True, unfortunately YouTube has become activist in filtering what we may see and what we may not. But other platforms are becoming available and we are still learning so much that only a few years or even months ago we did not know.


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