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Tell the truth, even if it leads to your death!

This is a repost of a 2009 article I wrote on my blog “The Jubilee.” What prompted me to repost it here was this week’s news story about how improved the ratings of Hillary Clinton’s recent book, “Stronger Together.” Truth is sacred and resorting to deception – for whatever reason – isn’t acceptable. As Gandhi said, “there is no god higher than truth.” I do believe this to be the case and of all articles I’d ever posted on my blogs, this is the one I’m most fond of.
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We’re heading for stagflation!

Last week we learned that U.S. federal debt passed the $19.5 trillion, adding $1.36 trillion during this fiscal year. Just last month, it added $151.5 billion. By now we have all gone a bit tone-deaf with all the billions and trillions tossed about in the news, so let’s put this into a bit of perspective. In August, the U.S. government added $475 per man, woman and child, or $1,206 per household living in the U.S. We are talking one month’s time here! The annual clip is $5,700 per man woman and child!! This is very far from sustainable, but it’s quite a bit worse actually. Continue reading

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Harnessing market trends to manage commodity price risk

On 24th September 2015, David Stein (M Sc., CFA, President and CEO of Aberdeen International[1]) wrote a compelling article analyzing the expected effect of last year’s VolksWagen emissions scandal on palladium and platinum markets that should be of great interest to commodity traders and industry. Continue reading