Money management: strategy vs. gimmicks and why it matters

Here’s a staggering fact: over the last two decades, literally tens of millions of investors set up individual brokerage accounts to manage their own investment portfolios. However as we know from the retail brokers themselves, the reality is that as many as 3 out of 4 individual investors lose money:

  • ETX Capital: 75.6% lose money
  • IG Group: 74% lose money
  • Saxo Bank: 71% lose money
  • Ava Trade: 71% lose money
  • Plus 500: 76% lose money

This is in spite of the fact that over the last decade we’ve experienced the greatest bull market in history and every stock investor should have made bundles.

The disconnect and why this matters

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Something completely different

Alex Krainer interview: Financial-Expert.co.uk

Recently, my 2016 book, “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading” received the honor of topping Financial-Expert.co.uk’s list of “The 5 best books on commodities for traders and investors.” I must say, it is gratifying to receive such recognition from people who actually read books.

On the occasion, I gave an interview to Financial Expert’s Simon Oates:

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