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Amazon.com burns my book – and you need to know about this

Update: the book may still be available on AbeBooks.com. Kindle version remains unavailable.

It is ironic that  just today I posted an article about the paramount importance of free speech, which numerous government bureaucracies and large corporations in the West seek to suppress in their purported endeavor to police “hate speech.” And just today one of the great media behemoths, Amazon.com suppressed my book (as I expected they might). I assure you there’s not even a trace of hate or hate speech in my book. 


“The Killing of William Browder” is a detailed deconstruction of Bill Browder’s dangerous deception. It shows beyond a reasonable doubt that Bill Browder’s account in his own book (“Red Notice”) is false. Nevertheless, on the basis of that false narrative, Browder has been able to lobby the U.S. Congress into passing the Magnitsky Act which precipitated the new cold war between Russia and the United States. Browder himself is on record stating: “I think we are entering into a hot war right now, and that the best possible outcome is a Cold War.” This agenda is obviously important enough that you are not allowed to know the truth about it.

My book, published only last month (August 2017), was starting to get some traction and in its first four weeks gained very positive reviews from readers (seven 5-star reviews and one 4-star review). That’s when Browder’s legal counsel Jonathan M. Winer stepped in. He contacted CreateSpace and demanded that my book be delisted alleging that it contained defamatory content. CreateSpace promptly obliged, suppressing the book and instructing me that I needed to, “work with the disputing party until a resolution is reached.” Once I obtained the “disputing party’s” agreement, I would need to provide CreateSpace a confirmation from both parties so that they may “take action on the title as appropriate.”

In other words, CreateSpace “burnt” my book at the request of Browder’s lawyers and obliged me to seek their consent to re-release it. The implication of this is very troubling. It seems that privileged elites may stand above scrutiny and deny everyone else freedom to express opinions that are unfavorable to them. By simply claiming that that an author, journalist, or film maker has defamed them, they can force any content they dislike down the memory hole. For authors whose livelihood depends on the content they publish, this could be extremely intimidating and will lead to self-censorship.

Critical books, films and articles are precisely the way we find out about abuse and malfeasance in our societies. They alert us to powerful individuals gaming the system and abusing their privilege. If such individuals can strike any content they dislike off the public record, then how does everyone else learn the truth? Or are we only allowed to know what the lawyered-up elites allow us to know: their interviews, their agendas, their products, their truth?

Without freedom of expression we are vulnerable to manipulation and propaganda that has ultimately led to very tragic outcomes in the last century. This can happen when the voices of ordinary people are suppressed while the good and the great can speak freely to promote their agendas and garnish their public image unchallenged. Criticism of such individuals may not be allowed. Critical reviews of shoddy products and fraudulent practices may not be read. If so, all discussion about issues that are important to society will be shaped by those who can suppress dissenting voices. Such practices befit totalitarian societies and not the free world.

Ultimately, the way we treat freedom of expression will impact the way we shape the world in which future generations will grow up. I would hope that we won’t need to teach them to keep their voices silent and to shy away from questioning or offending the privileged classes of our societies. Otherwise we’ll ultimately have to teach them to love the big brother.


The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder's Dangerous Deception by [Krainer, Alex]

Alex Krainer is an author and hedge fund manager based in Monaco. In 2016 he published the book “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading.” He also wrote “The Killing of William Browder: Deconstructing Bill Browder’s Dangerous Deception.


19 thoughts on “Amazon.com burns my book – and you need to know about this

  1. Georg Egger says:

    I read your book and liked it. I want to buy more copies and distribute it. I asked you were to get them from because I consider Amazon a fraud. You didn’t even care to answer my e-mail. Sorry, but I am not sure what to make of your sorrows now.


  2. Dieter Kuckelkorn says:

    Sorry to hear about this censorship operation. I read your book and found it most interesting. I found no trace of defamatory content or hate speech in the book. You should consider providing an PDF version for free download. Then it can be widely distributed through the internet – and people might even find it more more attractive to obtain and read as it is now a banned book.


  3. Demetrios Peroulas says:

    Thank you Alex for your courage to go against the current and tell the truth!
    Go on. We must not surrender at any cost to deception, untruthfulness and hate; on the contrary, we, as Europeans, must build bridges between USA and Russia. But this presupposes that Europe will play at last her historic role as the Central (Middle) power.
    Thank You again for your excellent book!


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  6. Vladislav Silayev says:

    Hi Alex, I would love to receive a copy of the book in PDF or word. My email address is Vladislav.silayev@gmail.com

    I’m actually writing my thesis paper for my masters program on the Magnitsky Act, so I think your book would be of great assistance!



  7. Alex, I can confirm that “Killing . . .” is available at the French Amazon site. I just bought it there for €18,61 (how’s that for an auspicious number?). It looks like Barnes and Noble is selling it, too. Good luck.


  8. Charmian Skelton says:

    Alex – a terrific piece. By chance, I saw an interview on Al Jazeera English, where Alexander Nekrasov spoke of how his documentary on Magnitsky has been effectively suppressed.
    This is surprising and disappointing. Nekrasov’s very good documentary series “In Search of Putin’s Russia” has been shown on Al Jazeera English – twice now. (BTW That is a channel which has shown a number of really good documentaries.)
    It seems this film, which had started by supporting Bill Browder’s account, ran into problems. Several of the ‘facts’ did not fit. For instance, while Browder repeatedly describes Sergei Magnitsky as a lawyer, when Nekrasov checked he found the college Magnitsky had attended specialised in finance, accounting and so forth but did not provide a law course. The media accounts take at face value the Browder account, without checking.
    NB I am not excusing the Russian state’s treatment of Magnitsky – and of many many others. But Bill Browder apparently uses libel threats and lawyers routinely as his preferred, bullying, way of debating an issue.
    Ironically, his grandfather, Earl Browder, the Stalinist leader of the Communist Party of America throughout the 1930s, would not have been a defender of the freedom of the press or of free speech.


    • Hi Charmian,
      Thank you for your comment; I saw Andrei Nekrasov’s film and it does not surprise me that Browder tried to suppress it – I can’t imagine anyone seeing it and escaping the conclusion that Browder is a liar and a fraud. What’s sad is that he was able to do it as easily as he was with my book. In the ‘free speech’ west where our values are so sacrosant…


  9. Harald says:

    Dear Alex. I very much liked your book and wonder how we can overcome all these lies? Your are a brave man. I am from Carinthia and here “Krainer” is a very common name 😉


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