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By hook and by crook: pushing the Great Reset

Last July, following a 3-hour call with with the German firebrand MEP Christine Anderson, I published the article, “A small short: the coming collapse of the air travel industry,” about the strange epidemic of travel chaos at airports around the western world. The contention from three industry insiders on that call was that the chaos was being deliberately orchestrated to destroy the air travel industry. They presented detailed and compelling evidence for their contention.

Of course, any such conspiracy theorizing tends to elicit raised eyebrows among the normies. Evidence or no evidence, they reject whatever can’t be linked to “credible sources” in legacy media (by contrast, they’ll accept the official narratives even on statements attributed to unnamed officials). The dismissal of any suggestion that there might be a planned agenda to destroy an entire industry usually leads with the question, “who would do such a thing?

Absolute Zero: a credible source?

But all these coincidence theorists might entertain the idea that a major policy paper, titled “Absolute Zero,” published on 29 November 2019 in collaboration between the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Bath and the Imperial College of London and funded by UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) should be regarded as a credible source.

“Absolute Zero” laid out the strategy of reaching zero carbon emissions in accordance with the UK Climate Change Act of 2008. Absolute Zero academics recommend that all airports in the UK must close between 2020 and 2029, only excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports. Those three could stay open, but only on condition that transfers to and from the airport are done via rail. All remaining airports must then close by 2050. From that year on, every citizen of the UK must “stop using airplanes.” 

But “Absolute Zero” goes well beyond the feudal agenda of fixing people in place; the public will have to cease all activity that causes emissions: “In addition to reducing our energy demand, delivering zero emissions with today’s technologies requires the phasing out of flying, shipping, lamb and beef, blast furnace steel and cement.” Thus, between 2020 and 2029, the consumption of beef and lamb must drop by 50% and by 2050 it will be “phased out.” Furthermore, all construction of new buildings must cease by 2050.

UK Government: full steam ahead!

“Absolute Zero” should not be dismissed as idle musings of an academic loony fringe enjoying too much free time in their sinecures. The agenda they had formulated (note, this was well in advance of the Covid 19 pandemic), has full support and commitment of the British government. In addition to the said Climate Change Act, in April 2021 the government committed to the objective of slashing carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, said to be in line with an “independent Climate Change Committee.” The official press release announcing this new law, including supportive platitudes from Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, is a truly harrowing read.

Nudging the herd over the cliff

Of course, the Absolute Zero academics anticipated resistance to their agenda from proles and peasants of the nation, so they touched upon the behavioral measures that will be necessary: “The changes in behaviour to achieve Absolute Zero are clearly substantial. In principle, these changes could be induced through changing prices and thus providing clear incentives for behaviour to change. The alternative is that the government prohibits certain types of behaviour and regulates production processes.” Evidently, those who set the agenda understand that they must achieve their objectives against the will of the people and that the changes must “be induced.” To that end, the UK government funds many other think tanks that study the ways to influence the public, including the use of deception and fear to engineer compliance. 

In light of all this, it is fair to ask whether lockdowns were part of “prohibiting certain types of behaviour?” How about climate alarmism and the planned climate lockdowns? Was the destabilization of energy markets deliberate? And the destruction of the Nord Stream – was it part of the plan? What about supply chain disruptions and the all-out war on farming? As we learned just this week, British farmers are facing an on-farm inflation in excess of 30%! Since 2019, the price of diesel increased by 73%, animal feed by 75%, fertilizer by 240% and gas by 650%, pushing many farmers to reduce production. Almost one in ten beef producers may have to reduce beef herds and fully a third of egg producers may have to shut down production altogether. Is all this being deliberately orchestrated in order to provide “clear incentives for behaviour,” as Absolute Zero recommends?

The enemy is within

Public officials love to blame all this on Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine, but if they disregard the media narrative and connect the relevant dots, it is clear that the enemy is within, steadily nudging the herd over the cliff. Of course, many will reject such conspiracy theorizing out of hand: who would ever do such things? When, for instance, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty recommends accelerating the electrification of vehicles and radical changes in agriculture, as he did in the report he just released, we can rest assured that he is merely concerned about reducing air pollution, the new, new scary scourge, since his own report says so. And if Witty says that car tyres are an important source of air pollution, then that too must be so. After all, he is the government’s designated expert and a credible source, contrary to the sundry conspiracy theorists who spread disinformation and misinformation and must therefore be silenced so we can also reduce the information space pollution. Thus, the normies will dismiss all conspiracy talk: we comply and obey until credible sources instruct us otherwise.

It is the WEF, stupid!

I don’t mean to single out the British Government here. All of the above is consistent with the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda, which is being pursued with equal zeal and similar deceit by most western governments including the Biden administration, the European Commission as well as the governments of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Their fanatical pursuit of these sinister policies will continue to undermine our energy markets, agricultural production, construction and steel industries, further exacerbating inflationary pressures over the long run, to say nothing of the destruction of what little is left of democracy and an end of freedom.

We must indeed push back against this utter lunacy lurking behind the smokescreen of “science.” It is aimed at final and complete enslavement of humanity – the fate to which we’ll doom the future generations if we remain silent and compliant.

Postscript: what of the universities?

Another subject where I tend to clash with the normies is the role of universities in the west. They all tend to think of them as harmless institutions of higher learning where advancements in knowledge, science and technologies are continuously incubated conferring only beneficial effects to society. But as experience should have taught them, especially over the last three years, these institutions can also be extraordinarily dangerous. Universities that drafted “Absolute Zero” also contrived the justification for lockdowns (Imperial College of London and their excellent pandemic predictor, Neil Ferguson) and the AstraZeneca shot (Oxford). So when similar institutions scream, climate change!, perhaps we should exercise due discernment.

In the meantime, we should hold them accountable for the consequences of their policy recommendations

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2 thoughts on “By hook and by crook: pushing the Great Reset

  1. fitzroyh says:

    Good piece. Thanks. A little off topic, Alex, but I hope you will indulge me. After reading your Bill Browder book, I whizzed through both Arkady Ostrovsky’s and Chrystia Freeland’s (ugh – how could I…) books covering much of the same period (ie 1990’s and all that happened in Russia) and imagine my surprise.. hardly a word about Aslund, Sachs, the World Bank and the IMF, shock therapy etc. The horrors were all down the the oligarchs and the young innovative Russian economists and the ‘bankers’ war’. A complete snow job. The brazen distortion actually shocked me. As one writes for The Economist (a Rothschild organ) and the other was at the FT, I guess I should have expected no less…


    • Thank you! Indeed, all of the mainstream accounts of that pirate raid are misleading. Nobody can seem to explain why the transition was such a trainwreck in Russia, but went relatively smoothly elsewhere like Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Even former Yugoslavian republics that ended up in a long drawn-out war had it relatively easy compared to Russia. Russian economist can’t be THAT bad! =)


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