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More bad news from Saudi Arabia


Over the years I’d highlighted the increasingly dubious status of Saudi Arabia as the world’s oil production powerhouse. This year we learned that their flagship oil field Ghawar produced much less than everyone knew, now courtesy of Bloomberg we find another disconcerting bit of information corroborating these doubts as the following chart illustrates:


There can be little doubt that we are facing a grave and serious energy predicament going forward. Our economies and societies better begin preparing yesterday. Links to my research outlining the fundamental supply and demand conditions can be found here:

The oil price shock: has it arrived?

For those of my readers who – as traders or hedgers – might require daily market reports for oil markets, or other financial and commodity markets, contact me to set you up for a free trial. The following 12-minute presentation provides further details:


Alex Krainer ( is a commodities trader based in Monaco. He’s written the 5-star rated book “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading

Trading and hedging commodity price risk


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