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Eyes of beauty

My mother is a remarkably wise woman, but she’s a trained engineer, pragmatic and not indulgent of new-age spiritual musings. So I was surprised when one day, she told me that Maya had such beautiful eyes, that she could see the same something in them as in her mother’s eyes. Many years later Ethan, the other beautiful soul in my life – he’s only 7 years old – told me that one day he was looking into Maya’s eyes and found them so beautiful that it made him cry.


So long sweet friend. I’ll miss you forever.

They say that eyes are the window to the soul… But Maya just passed away and I am not in a mood to philosophize. Instead, I’m thinking that her body is at the vet’s office now… and perhaps I should go there and sit in front to be closer. Perhaps I’m beling silly but I’m pretty sure that whenI finish work I’ll spend some time sitting in front of the vet’s office.

That gleam in Maya’s eyes, that was something. Something beautiful and pure. Now I feel like I’ll miss her forever.


2 thoughts on “Eyes of beauty

  1. Marie France Couviller-Dill says:

    It is nothing crazy about going to the vet and spend some time with her to say good bye.
    3 years ago I have lost my Pepper , a wonderful dog and the next day she died, I went to the vet and ask to see her and stay with her for a little while. My husband was surprised but I told him I needed to be with her, so we went, and also the kids of my husband. We spent a while, crying, caressing her , talking to her , even if she was dead. After coming back home everybody understood how important we just wanted to be with her even after the end, because it is never end up in our heart. I am still thinking of her, even if now I have another who I love but Pepper was Pepper. So don’t feel crazy if you need to be with Maya, she was your first baby so it is normal to be with her and it will take to grieve.
    I am sure that the vet will understand . In the States, they let me to stay as long as I wanted. RIP MAYA


    • Thank you Marie France for your kind words. Some of our actions that may seem silly at the rational level come entirely natural in fact. At this age I have come to distrust the rational thinking and go with whatever feels natural to me. To know that you also felt that way makes the experience a bit less lonely. So thank you again. =)


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