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Covid 19: the banking cartel is driving the agenda

For weeks now, the media and “health” authorities have relentlessly promoted a fear-inducing narrative about the Covid 19 “pandemic” as if the daily count of new “cases” were a major public health emergency, sensationalized by the media nearly 24/7. The official narrative is sharply at odds with the gathering voices from hundreds of doctors, virologists and epidemiologists.

Incoherence of the official narrative

Supposing that we are up against a “once-in-a-century” pandemic, this would be a great challenge for humanity, wrought with uncertainty. One would expect to encounter a lively debate, discussions, much doubt and controversy. Journalists should seek out as many domain experts as possible so we can all gain the clearest possible understanding of the new health challenge and how to confront it. Effective treatments should be promoted, celebrated, screamed from the rooftops. But the reality is very different.

Public health measures – virtually identical in most nations – are handed down from the World Health Organization through shadowy bureaucratic hierarchies that claim monopoly on truth. Discussion is discouraged and hundreds of experts are being aggressively silenced. Several effective treatments have been identified, but the officialdom has been borderline hostile to any mention of them.

Concealment of effective treatments

Already in early March 2020, President Trump started mentioning Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for Corona virus infections. The media promptly ridiculed him, even accusing him of putting lives in danger. However, as it turned out, HCQ was shown to reduce mortality from Covid 19 by more than 50%, and when used together with zinc and vitamins by as much as 85%.

Dr. Stella Immanuel claimed that she treated more than 300 patients with HCQ, many of them elderly and with one or more co-morbidities and she had ZERO fatalities among her patients. Today the video with her statements is difficult to find on YouTube, but you’ll easily find dozens of videos that ridicule her and smear her character. Much more recently, Dr. Brian Tyson testified that his clinic had treated 1,700 Covid-19 positive patients – again with zero fatalities.

Regardless, doctors and patients have been strongly discouraged from using Hydroxychloroquine and in some nations HCQ was abruptly pulled from the market. In Australia, prescribing HCQ has even been made a criminal offence. Meanwhile, the authorities seem to favor mandating hastily developed, untested, experimental vaccines, although the disease itself has proven lethal for only 0.004% of the population (even by the overinflated U.S. CDC statistics).

Officialdom’s puzzling entrenchment

The utter incoherence of the official positions has by now become so obvious that they have long lost all credibility. But rather than declaring victory against the virus and celebrating that life can return to normal, the officialdom has become even more deeply entrenched in their own contradictions, turning increasingly aggressive with ever more restrictive “public health” measures. Meanwhile, the media have escalated the ‘project fear’ propaganda to nauseating proportions.


We insist: the edifice is sound, do not believe your lying eyes, do not do your own research!

The situation became surreal: how can seemingly intelligent, learned people remain so stubbornly attached to a narrative that’s as obviously flawed? Why are the media relentlessly inciting fear and hysteria over a mild flu virus? In addition to the American and British media, I’ve been following the media reports in Croatia, Spain, France and Italy – the same thing everywhere: it’s all Covid all the time, with nonstop fearmongering and calls for compliance with increasingly silly “measures.” For example, more than four months into this “pandemic,” 71 nations have issued strangely similar mandates for people to wear masks in public spaces, even though there is strictly no scientific proof that this serves any purpose.

Has everyone worldwide gone insane? If it is not science and logic that’s informing the public health measures, then what is it? And then it hit me…

The curious case of the IMF loans for Belarus

Back in June I noted that Belarus’ president Alexander Lukashenko publicly snubbed a $940 million line of credit from the International Monetary Fund. He rejected it because the IMF conditioned the loan on Belarus imposing a strict Covid 19 lockdown policy and a curfew. At the time I thought it was very strange that the IMF would offer loans to a nation while setting conditions that severely impair that nation’s ability to repay.

Apparently, a number of other nations received similar offers from the IMF and/or the World Bank. We know about the Covid 19 conditionality only because the president of Belarus disclosed it publicly. Significantly, Lukashenko mentioned on several occasions that the IMF negotiators wanted Belarus to do “like in Italy.” Other nations and governments who accepted the money may have quietly agreed to the conditionality which they never disclosed to the rest of us.

As of April 2020, 85 nations have requested financial assistance from the IMF. Deeply in debt and with severely damaged economies, most governments worldwide needed loans, making them prey to the dictates of money power. To secure the needed funds they may have agreed to shutting down their economies, restricting their population’s freedom of movement, created stasi-like contact-tracing structures and closed down the schools.

Further evidence that the agenda is being driven by the bankers was the recent Op-Ed in the New York Times by Neel Kashkari, the president of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank calling for the government to issue strict 4 to 6 week shelter-in-place orders “for everyone but the truly essential workers.” Kashkari advocated that the lockdowns should be as comprehensive and strict as possible and done aggressively, using “the testing and tracing capacity we’ve built…”

Banking cartel’s fingerprints can also be found in the document “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” published by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. On page 18, titled “Lock Step,” the document presciently describes our current reality as “A world of top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” The scenario envisions a “pandemic the world had been anticipating for years…” And today we do have that “pandemic,” as well as the world of top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.

As Napoleon Bonaparte understood all too well, “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation.” In each nation we seem to be opposed by some government bureaucracy. But while those bureaucracies and the officials who work there are becoming the targets of public resentment, it is critical that we recognize the puppeteers behind the agenda that’s playing out.

There can be little doubt that the enemy is the international banking cartel headquartered in the City of London and on Wall Street, together with their agencies like the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, World Bank, the global systemically important banks and institutions like the World Economic Forum, big pharma corporations, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI and numerous others.

As Lord Acton warned over a century ago, “the issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks” This fight is now upon us. It might be the ultimate struggle between humanity’s emancipation or our final enslavement. To prevail, we must understand our true enemies and the financial, economic, political and social structures enabling their agenda.

As the Rockefeller Foundation document reveals, they have anticipated our pushback and have surely planned diversions to misdirect our grievances toward the visible enablers of their top-down authoritarian rule. One of the greatest means of diversion are wars. We must therefore guard against believing that our enemies are the Russians, the Chinese or whomever the logic of divide-and-rule would pit us against.

When our governments tell us that we face a grave threat from another nation, send troops to its borders or warships near its shores, we must demand they stand down. We must also guard against demonization of other nations and their leaders because they frequently lead to military escalation (think Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghaddafi, Bashar al Assad…). Ron Paul warned us that, “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” I explained the systemic roots of west’s war lust in this article: “Deflationary Gap and the West’s War Addiction.”

In short, we must not be distracted by the bullfighter’s red cloth: the ultimate culprits, the super-predator are the bankers: a handful of families and individuals who control and manage the present monetary system. We’ve no choice but to confront them. Today we are armed with truth and information that past generations could not have dreamt of. Today, we can make the difference and gift our children and their children a world of prosperity and liberty beyond anything what we can imagine at present. That struggle is worth every effort.



Alex Krainer@NakedHedgie is a former hedge fund manager, creator of I-System Trend Following and founder of Krainer Analytics. He wrote “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading,” rated #1 book on FinancialExpert.co.uk list of “The 5 Best Commodities Books for Investors and Traders.” His book “Grand Deception: The Browder Hoax” was twice banned on Amazon by orders of swamp creatures from the U.S. Department of State. He also writes at ISystem-TF.com. His views and opinions are not always for polite society but they are always expressed in sincere pursuit of true knowledge and clear understanding of ideas that matter.



27 thoughts on “Covid 19: the banking cartel is driving the agenda

  1. Paula Roldos says:

    Excellent Article!
    Thank you for telling the truth to the world. I am proud of you Alex. You are a brave man. May God bless you always


  2. Zoran Stjepic says:

    Yes! As anything in life, just follow the money. Those who control the money, control our lives, everything else is a twaddle, garbage, rubbish.


  3. chapteR says:

    Yes, we agree! But what to do about this?
    If we would give up ‘our’ phoney national accounting system, which is a scam of course, we wouldn’t constantly misrepresent the true economic class-structure, and had the realistic chance to withdraw our collaboration in these self-inflicting consequences, like for ex., feeding a plutocratic elite at the expense of an ever greater suffering for the masses.
    So why let’s look at what is already available in this regard!


  4. chapteR says:

    Yes, we agree! But what to do about this?
    If we would give up ‘our’ phoney national accounting system, which is a scam of course, we wouldn’t constantly misrepresent the true economic class-structure, and had the realistic chance to withdraw our collaboration in these self-inflicting consequences, like for ex., feeding a plutocratic elite at the expense of an ever greater suffering for the masses.
    So let’s look at what is already available in this regard!


  5. Identifying who is behind the COVID-19 historic global covert operation might be as simple as: Determining which multi-generational banking family dynasties on Earth stand to benefit most once cash is abolished and human beings are literally turned into walking, breathing credit cards, after receiving the necessary technology chip in their mandatory vaccinations.


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  7. RegretLeft says:

    I am four months late here – very promising – it is bookmarked.

    that “op ed in the NY times” is truly frightening – but how much wishful thinking is included? – “contract tracing” ? – In NJ 74% are refusing to cooperate with contract tracers (personal contact, apparently) – that’s from a month ago. “the government should issue” ? – what government? – states do lockdowns – FL, TX, AL and some others have flatly stated they will not shut down again: that’s as of October.


    • I think much of it is wishful thinking and sheer desperation. However, these ruling elites’ capability to cause damage to the rest of the society is very real and we should not doubt their determination and unscrupulousness. In the end they fall, and I sincerely hope they will receive exemplary punishment, but until that time things might get very rough.


  8. Morten Nielsen says:

    Great work Alex. Thank you!

    I will re-watch your video again. Currently I am reading books and studying videos of the best explanations of the Covid-1984 scamdemic. I want to write a definitive document (max 20 minute read) in danish for danes to study. There is almost nobody in Denmark, or in Spain where I live, that has any clue whatsoever about the overall explanation. Even in the resistance movement there does not seem to be anyone that really gets it. You will definitely be in my document.

    It is a fucked up situation since 9 out of 10 people believe the scam and support it either actively or passively. So how the hell can we explain and convince people about something which is a 100 times more complicated than the scam-virus itself? We can not. So writing a document will not solve much seeing that maximum 1% of all danes will be able to understand it. And I can only get maximum 1% of this 1% to read my document. But it is the best way I can help, so I am going to do it.

    I think people will not wake up before they feel the consequences of the scamdemic. I fear it will be too late by then. What will happen thereafter I can not even begin to imagine. Probably something similar to the civil war you experienced. However, we are in a hybridwar and a 4th generation type of war. So the situation is and will be unlike anything the world has ever experienced before. Do you think the same as me?

    Best regards from Spain 🇪🇸
    – Morten


    • Hi Morten,
      First off, thank you for your kind words. I generally agree with you, only I am not as pessimistic about humanity’s prospects and I believe that the proportion of people who have or are in the process of waking up to the realities surrounding us is much greater than 1%. I’ve personally seen a few transformations in friends who took me for a loopy conspiracy theorists and in the last year came around (dude, you were right!!). And these very people are among the most fired-up ones because some of them are overcome with the feelings of betrayal about being deceived for so long about important things. Anyway… for sure this is will be a long process of transformation but for reasons that could be too long to discuss here, I feel greatly optimistic.
      Kind regards,


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  10. chapteR says:

    “COVID-19: the banking cartel is driving the agenda….” and Russia fights for full equal rights of participation under the rule of this international banking cartel — which one of its family name once was named ‘Stnkschuld’ (odorous debt) by a famous author, and even confirmed by the family’s judicial serfs by imprisoning him almost for life. So isn’t Russia’s hypocrisy a shame to pretend to struggle for national self-determination and defense of human rights?


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