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Blown away!

On Monday, 13th August I received a notice that my book, “Grand Deception” got banned on Amazon (a-gain). At the time I was in Monaco. Two days later I made the planned 800 kilometer drive to Croatia to rejoin my children who were spending their summer vacation at their grandparents’ house. At breakfast next morning I had a chat with my parents about this and that and mentioned that my book was again banned. Later that day I saw some drawings my boys had made, among them this one:


It was drawn by my elder son, Ethan (8). When I asked him what that was, he explained it was a big tornado. The stick-man standing next to it was me and I was unhappy because the tornado had ripped a book out of my hands:


Also in the scene was another man, Ethan said, who got all upturned by the tornado:


He was also not happy with some debris flying about him. (Bill Browder?)

Ethan drew this picture the day before, on the 15th August. I was so completely blown away by this that I had to ask my parents if I had mentioned anything about the book banning to them previously (and they to Ethan), but perhaps forgot about the conversation. As I thought, they were quite certain that I had not mentioned it before.

So there you have it: Ethan drew his father standing next to a big tornado with a pouting face because the tornado ripped his book out of his hands while another man got upturned in a cloud of debris. He is barely aware that I wrote some book, had no idea what the book was about and even less that it got “ripped out” of my hands.

Ten or twenty years ago I would have thought this incident a curiosity, perhaps a strange coincidence that my son’s drawing appeared related to events in my life. I used to be a rather typical product of reductionist western education where phenomena we couldn’t explain had to be swept under the rug as quaint but meaningless curiosities.

Several incidents in the last ten years or so removed all doubt for me that there is something more to all this and that at some level we are connected and bonded in ways we are incapable of understanding, let alone adequately articulating. Yet there it is… (I’ve documented a dozen or so of such incidences and it is quite out of the question that they could be swept under the rug as coincidences – at a minimum, one can be agnostic, but to dismiss them as nothing would be quite impossible).

Part of my reason for posting this personal entry is because if anyone out there had similar specific experiences, I’d love to know about them.


Alex Krainer – @NakedHedgie is the creator of I-System Trend Following, founder of Krainer Analytics and publisher of TrendCompass reports, based in Monaco. He worked as a market analyst, researcher, trader and hedge fund manager for over 25 years. He wrote “Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading,” rated #1 book on list of “The 5 Best Commodities Books for Investors and Traders.” In March 2021 he published “Alex Krainer’s Trend Following Bible.” He is a contributing editor at ZeroHedge and also writes at His views and opinions are not always for polite society but they are always expressed in sincere pursuit of true knowledge and clear understanding of ideas that matter.


6 thoughts on “Blown away!

  1. Brian farrell says:

    Carl G Jung coined the word synchronicity, meaning a sausal connection, but you probably know that already. I agree completely with you that at some level we are all connected. I have been practicing meditation for about twenty years and that practice gives me insights into situations. Im sorry to learn your book was banned. Dont ever give up, Brother.

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  2. zorantodorovic says:

    I second Brian’s observation. A meditator since 1975. 10 trips to India. Had to leave Bosnia in the thick of the civil war. Living in North America since 1993. Attacking one’s fellow man equals attacking oneself. Because we’re all one. That’s why attackers ultimately all fall. And the future belongs to us, peace lovers. Because our calls for a fundamental change won’t fall on Universe’s deaf ears. We get to chose the environment on the planet we live on. Or we’ll be taken to another one reflecting our choice.

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  3. Lee says:

    This post tipped me into buying your book, close though I already was.

    You asked for readers to share similar experiences… I don’t want to share specifics online (happy to in private) but can say that since December 2015 these experiences are occurring more often for me. They feel as though I can ‘see’ things others cannot see; or ‘read’ the world as though I am being taught to ‘perception literacy’.



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